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Halloween, how I love thee.

Someone asked me once why I like Halloween so much.  I had to ponder that for a while, pull it apart and figure out the main causes of my love of this particular holiday. 


It starts with safe scares. I enjoy being scared, but not in a truly dangerous way. I don’t go to places where bad things may happen, I don’t put myself in precarious situations very often (unless necessary), I try to watch what I do and where I am at all times, and I don’t watch Real Housewives as I fear losing actual brain cells.  I like the kind of fear that I feel in watching a scary movie, going through a good haunted house or riding a roller coaster. Granted the roller coaster may not be 100% safe, but I can assume most parks maintain their rides well.  Scary movies, roller coasters, other thrill type rides, these provide me with fear that produces adrenaline. That adrenaline gives me a little rush, just enough to make me sharp and focused. 

Candy!  This is a simple concept. I like candy.  There’s a lot of it around during this time of year. Granted, that candy extends all the way through the Christmas season, but it starts around Halloween.  Good stuff in small packages.  It’s not like all candy mystically removes itself from the shelves during other times of the year, but there’s something about candy during the holiday season.  It’s just better. 

Special effects.  I have always been fascinated by good special effects (practical, not digital).  I remember watching  “Night of the Living Dead” with my mother on TV at the tender age of seven.  She refused to watch it alone, and my father was at work.  I recall her eyes being covered the entire time, but all I could do was marvel at the effects. Admittedly, the effects were few and far between (it’s much more about the humans than the zombies), but what George Romero managed to do with a limited budget was amazing.  I started watching sci-fi and horror with an eye towards trying to figure out how they were made.  In 1979, my mother  took me to see Alien in the theater.  I recall, yet again, seeing her cover her entire face with her hands (a theme throughout her life when it comes to scary films).  I, however, was in complete heaven watching the chest-burster. I was horrified and scared, but also fascinated.  I pondered the special effects for days until I could get my hands on a magazine that had an article on the movie (probably Starlog).  To this day I do the same thing. If I know the effects are practical, I think about how they’re achieved.  And did you know that most of the effects in Prometheus were practical??!!  I love Ridley Scott.  (you’re all rolling your eyes right now at the level of nerdiness that just occurred). 

Décor.  I dig Halloween décor.  It’s cool, colorful, and fun, especially if it’s vintage or has skulls. 

Costumes.  My inner cos-player/LARP’er  gets to come out full force during this season.  I’ve already dressed as a zombie two times (with a third on the way), and I’m doing a full “day of the dead” makeup for Halloween night.  I’ve worn every costume from goldfish to queen.  I love them all.  I get to be someone else, act differently and just have fun.  I don’t actively cos-play or LARP, but it sure is fun to do during the month of October.   

It’s getting cooler. That’s the other thing. Where I live, it’s about 900 degrees for most of the year. I mean it’s the kind of hot that can cook eggs on the sidewalk.  No joke, I saw someone do an experiment here one year where they put eggs on their dashboard in the middle of summer. Those darned things cooked.  I’m not a huge fan of the heat, and October signals the beginning of a four month cool down (before it starts getting magma level hot again).  There’s always a slight breeze that brings with it a crispness.  We can open the doors and windows and turn off the AC (yay! A power bill under triple digits!).  I can bake without fear of spontaneously combusting,  a worry I have in the summer months. 

I have no problem with any other holiday. I enjoy them all for different reasons (some based on faith, some based on just being fun), but this particular one has my imagination like no other.  


Random stuff

Ok, first post in WordPress. It’s going to be a stunner (not so much).  Really scintillating (nope, not a bit).  You’re never going to want to leave (you’re going to go back to Facebook to see  a pic of your friend’s awesome dinner).

First up:  Caught The Conjuring today.  Actually had enough scares to keep me interested, which is difficult for me as I’m a jaded hag when it comes to horror.  It was well cast . Patrick Wilson never disappoints, and neither do Lily Taylor, Ron Livingston or Vera Farmiga.  The supporting cast was good as well.  Some of the scares were cheap thrills, which I’ve come to expect in most horror with a supernatural lean, but there were a couple that I felt were fresher.  I’m familiar with the Warrens as well (thanks Mysteries at the Museum), which gave me some common ground to work with.

Crabby Patties:  I’m only recently retired and am still adjusting. I’m young to be collecting a pension, and that’s a tad worrisome on certain days.  This, combined with a touch of boredom, makes for days in which I’m a bit less patient than normal. Hence, I’ve taken to calling myself Crabby Patties when I feel this way.  My father assures me it’s a passing thing. I have attempted dosing myself with caffeine and chocolate, which works, but the seedy underbelly of chocolate dealing in my town makes me feel dirty (I’m talking to you mini-mart near my house that carries far too many tasty options).

Never too early:  Halloween is hands-down my favorite holiday. I love Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, but I feel like Christmas is a tad overwhelming for me and my family.  Halloween is on a different level. I can let out my inner zombie, get to pass out chocolate to others (thus spreading my bad habits), get to visit a lot of cool haunts in which teenagers attempt to scare me (‘attempt’ being the key word there), and get to watch a lot of great horror during the whole month (thanks cable tv).  So, given these facts, I have started crafting new props for my house. Pinterest (which is kind of the devil) is loaded with Halloween ideas, many of which are really effective and cheap.  One I used to great effect last year was a simple gag using some cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels.  I cut evil eye holes out of them, painted the outside green and the inside black. I then put a glow stick inside and stuck them in the bushes in front of my home.  It made it look like my bushes were about to eat the neighborhood kids. Heh heh heh…  Now that I’m retired, I can really do it up right.   I think I’ll turn the front yard into a cemetery.

SDCC blues:  Ok, I missed San Diego ComicCon this year, and that sucks. I was able to keep up with some of it via YouTube and relied on some friends to keep me updated, however this pales in comparison with actual attendance. The problem is that the chance of getting into any panels that I would actually want to attend are slim to none.  I think it’s time to find a convention that’s smaller but still includes a lot of the same content. I think Emerald City is about to be on my agenda. Or I could just hold my own con at my house. I would screen movies (that I already owned on DVD), have guests (probably just some friends who are nerds), have a sales floor (although I wouldn’t actually part with my nerd gear), and offer outrageously expensive snacks and sodas (I would totally do this part up right).  I would also offer my guest room at three times the normal rate I charge. It would feel very much like SDCC where the food and accommodations are concerned.

Godzilla:  I am very excited about the new Godzilla film scheduled for next year. All reports I’ve read say this Godzilla’s look will be much more in line with the original Toho version. This is good news because the American version with Matthew Broderick stunk worse than a dead fish left in a hot car.  Legendary Studios apparently had a very cool thing at SDCC this year. They took over an abandoned business in the Gaslamp area and made a whole Godzilla experience. I’m green with envy. GREEN! GEEK SMASH!

Baby crazy:  All I keep seeing on the news is that the royal baby has been born.  I was over it before she was pregnant. Sorry royal baby watchers.

Now that you’ve been thoroughly entertained (by your belly button lint), please feel free to roam about the internet.