The many many clues…

The clues that I’m a nerd


I was outside with my dog last night and a moth landed behind me on the planter bed.  I immediately stated singing the Mothra song to said insect.  A moment later, I realized how nerdy this was (not that I care, I’m proud to be one).  Had anyone of my “cool” friends been around, they would have rolled their eyes.  Had any one of my nerd buddies been around, they would have sung it with me. 

I went back inside and started pondering the many clues to my nature and started making this list:

  1.  Have you seen the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin”?  Yeah, that’s my house, only worse.
  2. I have an entire wardrobe of t-shirts dedicated to Star Wars and Star Trek, not to mention Alien, Batman & Robin, Soylent Green, The Tick, etc., etc…  
  3. People get me gift certificates to Think Geek as gifts (which is awesome).
  4. When my husband and I got married, we entered the reception to the main theme from Star Wars. 
  5. My ring tone is the Imperial March and my text tone is R2D2 (I sense a theme).
  6. If my dad calls me, his ring tone is Darth Vadar saying “I am your father” (the theme continues). 
  7. I often watch The Fellowship of the Ring to help me go to sleep as I’ve seen it so many times, it’s actually comforting to  me.
  8. I have the entire series “Ultraman” on DVD, not to mention Johnny Quest, Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, etc. etc..
  9. I’m a scrapbooker who has a stamp of Godzilla (I truly love Godzilla, like weirdly so).
  10. Our Christmas tree is an homage to all things nerd (really, it’s so nerdy that my “cool” friends roll their eyes and almost pass out it’s so bad.
  11. I still play D&D (a computer version at least).
  12. I do my own version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 at every SyFy movie I see (I’m talking to you Sharknado).
  13. I’ve been to ComicCon…a lot… like a whole bunch of times.
  14. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because, hey, dress up time!
  15. I love Ren Faires
  16. I have LARP’d <—– before anyone had a name for it.
  17. I used to work at a comic book store and loved it.
  18. I used to work at an arcade and loved that too (except when we almost got robbed and then the other time when some nut job pulled a gun on Crystal Castles because he couldn’t get past a certain level).
  19. When I worked at this arcade, I used to hustle gullible men for money on Karate Champ (I’m dating myself here. That’s a really old game, as is Crystal Castles).
  20. When I see horror movies, I rarely get scared and instead speculate how a certain practical special effect was created and then go home and Google it to see if I was right.
  21. I listen to the Star Trek soundtrack often because it’s awesome (the new movie, but the old soundtracks are great as well).
  22. There’s a stuffed Mugato sitting on my desk looking at me right now (check the interwebs, non nerds!). 
  23. Next to the Mugato is a Tom Servo figure (while you’re searching for the Mugato, check Tom Servo too).
  24. I attend CES and love it.
  25. I’m humming the Star Trek theme in my head right now because I brought it up a few sentences ago.


I could go on, but I won’t. This is proof enough. Any court of cool kids would convict me and send me off to a prison in which I could only read Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire and would have to get a total wardrobe overhaul whilst they burned all my awesome t-shirts.  It makes to shiver just to think about that.  I think I’ll take my dog out, and I hope there’s a moth outside who will appreciate me singing the Mothra theme at him while he ponders me from the planter bed. 


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